Meir Ezra: Business Accomplishments


Meir Ezra first venture in technology after self-educating in computer programming, was the development and distribution of the highly successful data dictionary editor called “Addicted”.

Following selling the rights to his data dictionary, Meir Ezra established the most successful distributor of the gasoline management, a company that within three years sold over $35,000,000 and has a valuation of US $100,000,000.

Meir Ezra established Securant, Inc., where he developed the FuelSafe fuel and fleet management system, the most technologically fleet management resource available anywhere in the world. Securant’s FuelSafe system is the subject of three patent applications and is receiving world-wide support from industry leaders as the only comprehensive solution to outdated fueling technology. The FuelSafe system is being distributed internationally.

Meir Ezra is also the founder, majority owner and managing partner of TimeMaker LLC, a software development company developing state-of-the art business management solutions. TimeMaker’s flagship product, the patent-pending TimeMaker software, is a revolutionary business communication and task management software which includes the very unique ORP

(Organizational Resource Planning). TimeMaker is successfully distributed around the globe to companies like Motorola, municipalities and the Israeli Army.

Meir Ezra is involved with many other companies developing and distributing technology products: a very innovative and successful cell phone blocker, a payment-by-cell phone technology, software and hardware solutions and more. He has also assisted in the development of a film production company, in the management of a hotel/restaurant laundry service and in many other commercial enterprises.

Charitable Activities

Meir Ezra is very active in community affairs, having received thousands of commendations for his dedication and support to many causes. He is frequently engaged in public speaking and consulting activities for business organizations and has appeared before the Isralie parliament on a number of occasions as well as nation TV. One of his favorite projects was the introduction of a revolutionary study technology to the schools in Israel which helped thousands of school children increase their ability to learn and converted the lowest rated schools into one of the highest rated in the country. Meir Ezra also overcame significant barriers to lead the implementation of the most successful drug and prison rehabilitation programs in Israel.

In addition to his many community projects and the donation of his invaluable time and personal efforts, Meir Ezra has contributed several millions of dollars to charitable organizations.

Personal Activities

Meir Ezra is active in many personal activities such as karate, motorcycling and kite surfing. He is very much in love with his wife and is the father of three beautiful children


Meir Ezra